The Dollhouse



About The Dollhouse

The Dollhouse is a community of women that began as a DIY house and show space. We decided to transform our twelve issue zine into a full -spread magazine that showcases artistic work from those who have been disproportionately marginalized. Prioritizing work submitted by people of color, queer, gay, lesbian, trans, gender non-binary humans and women, The Dollhouse Mag wants these artists to reach a greater audience.


About Our Team

We are a team of friends working hard to bring art into the world that may otherwise not have gotten it’s place. We believe in the value of intersectional feminism and that no one deserves to be left out of the conversation based off of the color of their skin, their gender, their sexual orientation, their citizenship status, their age, or their ability.

Click on a member’s name to go to their own individual About Page and meet our team!



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