Dollhouse Dads Review Issue One!

Dads Review Issue One of The Dollhouse

Dads drawn by Kelsey Yappel, edits done by CJ Fink

Dads drawn by Kelsey Yappel, edits done by CJ Fink

While constructing Issue Two of The Dollhouse Magazine, we reflected often on the overwhelming support and love our families give us. Without the support of our parents and families, this magazine may have never truly made it to this point of reflection. Driving through blizzards to come to our release party, staying up until 1 A.M. to scan CJ the zine pages she left behind, and the countless decorations and words of encouragement from our loved ones brought us to this point. Running a radically feminist publication such as this one often challenges the traditional conventions of masculinity and patriarchy. Having fathers who not only support our work but are willing to speak on its behalf is a real gift we have received, and we want our dads to know how much of an influence they had on each of us.

This piece was originally intended for print within Issue Two, but in the editing process we realized we had an unexpected odd number of pages. Luckily, we have been striving to create a stronger online presence and we felt this piece would be an amazing first article to write and share.

Without further ado, the reviews:

“‘I am not sick. I am broken. But I am happy to be alive as long as I can paint.’ -Frida Kahlo

Here are some ‘ing’ words that came to mind when I read The Dollhouse: awakening; challenging; inspiring; summoning; questioning; encouraging; celebrating; laughing; mourning; calming; provoking; mobilizing; feeling; understanding.

The staff at The Dollhouse and the artists featured in Issue One have Frida’s passion. They are alive. I hope they keep painting.”

- Dean, Abby’s Dad

“If humanity could just mainline the potent mixture of love, acceptance, beauty, and righteous outrage of The Dollhouse, my what a wonderful world it would be. Art must change the world.”

-Pat, CJ’s Dad

“I thoroughly enjoyed the first issue. It was well designed and the layout kept me engaged from page to page. I enjoyed all the different forms of art throughout the magazine. Looking forward to Issue two!”

-Rob, Kelsey’s Dad

“Hmm, how to say; about The DOLLHOUSE inaugural print. I know, a poem be it.

The gurly girls ghrrrrrr……in their Issue #1.

I hope, TO HAVE FUN.

Yes, a ghrrrrr and not a hiss. For a hiss is not bliss.

The attention is palpable. Sit and feel it or stand and observe.

Comfort zone be damned.

The dames have landed….and the little girls too.”

-Joe, Sara’s Dad

Written by CJ Fink